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Sunday, July 27, 2008

How to Choose a Pair of Eyeglasses From an Online Retailer

For many people, eyeglasses are the single most significant clothing accessory they will purchase. In order to get the perfect set of spectacles, most near or far-sighted individuals would prefer the service of a professional optician or at the very least a well known corporate one hour lens crafter. However professionals can be costly, and as anyone who has ever lost or broken his or her glasses before knows, can cost enough to seriously disrupt a person's monthly finances. Unlike other items one might be able to live without for a brief stretch, eyeglasses are absolutely vital and must be replaced immediately. As even a modest pair from a traditional optician could range anywhere from two hundred to five hundred dollars, shopping online can drastically soften the blow to the wallet that goes along with replacing one's eyeglasses.Instead of two-hundred, glasses can be found on many websites for as little as twenty dollars a pair.

Before you go online to buy your next set of spectacles, in order to ensure your glasses will fit, there are some important measurements that need to taken. The only thing worse than an expensive pair of eyeglasses: an uncomfortable pair of eyeglasses. In addition to your regular prescription, ask your optometrist for your pupil distance measurement. The pupil distance, or PD, is the space between the lines of sight leading directly ahead from your pupils. This can be difficult even for professional opticians to measure on themselves. If you really can't get an optometrist to take the measurement then you can resort to using a mirror and a ruler placed beneath your eyes. The measurement ought to be taken in millimeters. The PD is the most important measurement as it will determine precisely where the lenses will fit in the frames.

Shopping for eyeglasses online provides the buyer with significantly more selection than he or she would find in a regular brick-and-mortar store. Most websites have up over two hundred frame styles and wading through them all can take up a lot of time. However, you should know detailed measurements of the size of frame that will fit your head and face properly. Use a tape measure and record the various lengths of your current set of eyeglasses. The arms, the lens width, the bridge width (space between the frames). Compensate for any part your glasses that fit awkwardly. Since you will not have the luxury of a professional to assist you in your selection, the more information you can collect to describe your ideal pair of glasses the more likely you will be satisfied with your purchase.

One option that can turn a twenty dollar pair of eyeglasses into an eighty dollar pair of eyeglasses is the lens. Moreover, as the lenses are the functional part of any set of glasses, it might not be the best idea to skimp when it comes to lens options. When it comes to lenses, the thinner they are the more expensive they are. Some individual's prescription will not allow them to get lenses thinner than a certain width. This, again, is an example of how it is important to know the details of your particular needs before you go shopping online. Besides thickness, many people like some percentage of glare coating to filter out UV rays. Even with fancy bells and whistles such as specialized sports frames, the online shopper can expect to pay at least thirty-five percent less than he or she would in at a traditional eyeglass emporium.

Clearly Contacts Canada is one of the most popular online suppliers of contacts and eyeglasses within Canada.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Is AIDS a Homosexual Disease?

Do gays behave oddly? Are they responsible for the spread of AIDS? Get the facts below as we unearth more myths about homosexuality.

Homosexuals have certain quirks. False. Like all people, homosexuals have their own share of quirks. However, the peculiar condition of some homosexuals is not unique to this particular pattern of behavior. It also appears in other groups of people. The fact that certain homosexuals exhibit one trait may be incidental and have no relationship at all to the very nature of homosexuality.

For instance, two studies showed that many homosexual men and women are left-handed. Does this mean that all lefties have homosexual tendencies?To say so is like saying that all handsome men and women will end up as movie stars and that all slim individuals will become fashion models. This is preposterous. As Dr. Sandra F. Witelson, professor of psychiatry at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, said in Medical Aspects of Sexuality:

"We have recently shown a higher prevalence of left-handedness in homosexual men and women than in the general population. Similar results were found independently in a study of homosexual men in Great Britain. However, sexual orientation cannot be predicted by hand preference. There are more left-handed people in the population (about 30 percent) than homosexuals (about 5 percent), indicating that most left-handers are not homosexual. Furthermore, some homosexuals are right-handed. In addition, left-handedness may not be obvious by casual observation, since it is measured not only by the hand used in writing but also by hand preference in other manual tasks."

One interesting quirk that heterosexuals can learn from homosexuals, however, is honesty in the field of sexual communication. Dr. Joel W. Wells of the University of Northern Iowa said that gay men and women appear to be more open when it comes to sex. Such openness means they are more likely to get more satisfaction in a relationship.

Wells interviewed 120 university students - 60 straight men and women, and 60 gay men and women - and was surprised about the honesty in which gays communicated their sexual desires to their partners - an important factor in the enjoyment of sex.

"When it comes to sexual communication, gays may have an advantage over straights. Wells found that gay men and lesbians talked with their intimate partners about sexual activity more often than did heterosexual men and women, and they were also significantly more likely to agree on which words are erotic - and to use them with a lover. Wells believes that heterosexual couples could enhance their sexual relationship by learning to share the language they consider erotic or arousing," said the editors of Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality.

AIDS is a homosexual disease. False. Although AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) was first discovered in the homosexual community, anyone can get the disease regardless of his or her sexual preference. The high-risk groups include sexually active people with multiple partners, those who use non-sterile hypodermic needles, infants born to mothers with the AIDS virus, and infected blood transfusions. So don't be fooled into thinking that just because you aren't homosexual, you won't get AIDS. In fact, the World Health Organization said that the vast majority of people with AIDS worldwide got the disease from heterosexual - not homosexual - intercourse.

"AIDS is not a disease only of homosexuals. AIDS is found in heterosexual people as well. AIDS is not a black or white disease. AIDS is not just a male disease. AIDS is found in women; it is found in children. The risk of infection increases according to the number of sexual partners one has, male or female. The more partners you have, the greater the risk of being infected with the AIDS virus," according to the US Surgeon General's Report on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. (Next: Causes of homosexuality.)

To strengthen your body, take Immunitril - your first line of defense in maintaining a healthy immune system. For details, visit

Sharon Bell is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premier online news magazine

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100 Calorie Treats For Chocolate Lovers

How many of us have experienced a chocolate craving? I think that I can confidently state that each and every person has experienced a craving for this delicious treat at one time or another. Chocolate has this way of getting the best of us. Even if you happen to be on a diet, sometimes you just can't resist the temptation. However, what many people on a diet are unaware of is that there are countless chocolaty treats out there with 100 calories or less. What this means is that you can easily incorporate one of these snacks into your daily food routine.If you are craving real chocolate, some delicious choices include Nestle "Dark" Raisinets (one eight of a cup), Hershey's milk chocolate kisses (4), and Hershey sticks (one at 60 calories). The Hershey's sticks come in a variety of flavors, as do Hershey's kisses. All of these delicious chocolaty treats can surely cure the craving and they can do so with only 90 calories or less. Now if you are craving dairy, you can always make yourself your very own chocolate milk. Simply mix two-thirds of a cup of 1% milk with four teaspoons of light Hershey's syrup. Mix it all together and add some ice for a 100 calorie treat.

And if you are craving some chocolate on the go, there are numerous products available at your local grocery store. Some of these treats include Quaker Mini Delights (chocolate drizzle multi-grain cakes), Chips Ahoy Thin Crisps (100 calorie pack), Kellogg's Special K Bar (chocolaty drizzle), Quaker Chewy Granola Bar (Chocolate chunk), Chocolate Honey Maid Delight Bars (100 calorie pack), and South Beach Living Snack Bars (Chocolate Raspberry). All of these treats can easily settle that chocolate craving with only 100 calories. So just because you are on a diet, it does not mean that you have to abstain yourself from the things you love.

Lauren S. Johnson writes health articles about fitness and nutrition. Some of her favorite passions include studying the medicinal benefits of herbal remedies, diet pills, and hoodia gordonii.

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Anime Description: UFO Baby

UFO Baby is a story about a baby that was sucked up by a great wormhole together with his babysitter.They landed at the Saionji temple where Miyu Kozuki and her friend Kanata Saionji (who are also most of the time thought of as lovers, especially by their classmate Christine who likes Kanata very much).

So from there, they treated Lu (baby from space) and Bow-meow (pet babysitter) as a real family member. Lu possess magical powers which only he can control. Bow-meow, being the one responsible for Baby Lu, hopes to return to their planet by waiting for wormholes time by time.

About Miyu and Kanata, well, they do all they can to keep Baby Lu and Bow-meow's secret from their friends and from anyone that goes in their temple.
Miyu's mom and Kanata's mom were best friends! When Christine heard that Kanata and Miyu were staying together in one house, then she got angry. To cool her anger, Kanata and Miyu made up a lie that they were merely cousins.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Do the Popular and Exclusive Brands of Anti-Aging Skin Care Products Work?

Is there such a thing as anti aging skin care? Or is it all just a hype to create a multi-billion dollar industry built on the dreams of the 'forever young at heart' population.

Is it a way to fleece our insecurities about ourselves as our bodies begin to show the changes that come with aging?

What is it about aging that we are unwilling to accept and fight like crazy to prevent from happening?

What processes does our skin go through that we are trying to reverse?Is there an anti-aging skin cream out there that will help to reverse the signs of aging and that will not cause us increased problems - or even premature aging because of the ingredients that have been used to create the so called 'magic potion'.

There's no doubt about it, myself included, that our skin begins to give our age away and even if you're like me and trying to reverse the trend through becoming more active, exercise and diet conscious it seems that our skin can still prevent us from successfully masking what we are desperately trying to hide, Our Age!

How the Skin Ages

The skin is made up of three layers:

a) subcutaneous - where the fat is stored.

b) dermal - contains many structures including nerve cells, sweat glands, hair bulbs etc.

c) epidermal - where new skin cells (including pigmentation cells) are created and migrate through 5 layers until they are dead cells that provide us with the top layer of skin that we lose daily.

Although our skin ages all the time throughout our lives it only really begins to show the signs of aging when we reach our late 40's and most of the aging that our skin goes through takes place in the dermal layer. Below is a list of what is happening to each of us:

a) Collagen cells decrease or stiffen and break apart

b) Elastin - elastic fibers lose some of their elasticity, stiffen & fray. (this process is sped up in people who smoke)

c) Fibroblasts (the producers for collagen and elastin) decrease in number.

d) Sebaceous glands decrease in size - causing dry and broken skin.

e) Melanocytes (pigmentation cells)- are natural UVA & UVB protectors decrease in number resulting in grey hair and white blotches in the skin but they increase in size making the skin blotchy with large brown spots (these are known as liver spots).

f) Subcutaneous fat is lost making the skin look a lot thinner.

g) Basal cell migration (new skin cells) is slowed down.

So with all these changes going on to our skin how do our most popular anti-aging skin care products live up to their claims 'of reducing wrinkles and making skin look younger'.

In short for most of the products out there the answer is a simple 'They Do Not' if we were to take a quick glance at the ingredients list, not only would we not understand what all the ingredients were, unless we were chemists. It would only be through microscopic analysis of the product that we would be able to determine how much of the essential active ingredients are actually present in the product itself and in most cases this is very little - rendering the product almost useless.

Most of the creams that make up this billion dollar industry are filled with waxes, mineral oils and other cheap and potentially lethal fillers that with constant use actually cause our skin to age faster.

The ingredients on a popular anti-aging skin cream is: aqua, cyclopentasiloxane, squalane, glycerin, arachidyl alchol, behenyl alcohol, arachidyl clucoside, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl glucoside, aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, butyrospermum parkii, C13-14 isoparaffin, laureth-7 polyacrylamide, retinyl palmitate, tricaprylyn, bht polymethyl methacrylate, dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline, avena sativa kernel oil, petrolatum,tocopheryl acetate, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, disodium deta, sodium hydroxide, parfum, 2-bromo-2- nitropropane-1,3-diol, dichloroenzyl alcohol.

So what does that list of ingredients mean. Let's just look at a couple of them to give you the picture:

Cyclopentasiloxane - it feels good. It coats the skin and gives it a silky feel, it evaporates so your skin won't feel greasy, it's made from sand and residue can stay in the body for five years.

C13-14 Isoparaffin is a gelling agent. It is a mixture of mineral oils derived from petroleum.

Petrolatum is mineral oil jelly, and mineral oil causes a lot of problems when used on the skin (i.e., promotes sun damage), and it tends to interfere with the body's own natural moisturizing mechanism, it leads to dry skin and chapping.

The question you are now asking yourself is are there natural products out there that do what they say and that are perfectly safe to use that nourish the skin deep down rather than just coat the top of the skin.

The great news is that there has been research in recent years that has discovered natural products that feed the skin and are very effective in working with the chemistry of the body to actually increase the number of collagen and elastin cells, prevent water loss and assist in increasing basal cell production to truly give you more youthful skin that is well nourished.

So if you want anti aging skin care products that really work look for anti-aging skin cream from companies who aren't afraid to state that they do not include any ingredient that you could not safely eat.

Karen is an expert when it comes to natural skin care products and endorses any product that promotes health and continued well being. Before you buy your next anti-aging skin care products check out Karen's personal top recommendations for products that nourish your skin and are even safe enough to eat.

You may use this article or any parts of it as long as you include my name and website address.

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Contact Lenses and Wear Schedules

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses and many people prefer them. However, there are so many types to choose from now and several different wear schedules that it can be difficult to choose.There are a variety of contacts that are designed to be used for a specific amount of time:


Disposable contact lenses can be used once before throwing them out. Because of this, they are often cheaper and are the ideal solution for anyone who doesn't want the fuss and bother of dealing with cleaning and rinsing solutions. It can be tempting to wear them for longer than the recommended period, but this will cause irritation and blurry vision and could even damage your eyes.Depending on the type you have, they will need to be replaced daily, weekly or monthly. Colored disposable contact lenses can be used intermittently for longer as they are usually only for decorative use.

Many long term wear contact lenses are actually disposable, as well.

Daily Wear

These are available in either hard or soft lenses and can be used during the day only, they are removed during the night. This type of contact lens must be carefully cleaned according to instructions before putting them back into your eyes in the morning. Without cleaning, the lens could trap debris against your eye and cause irritation. It is also a good idea to use the proper cleaning solutions and times for best results.

Extended or Long Term Wear

Most contacts with this option can be used continuously for up to a week, including overnight. However, there are some soft contact lenses that actually allow you to wear them for 30 days straight. They will then need to be discarded or thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before reuse.
The main reason extended wear contacts can be used for so long is because they allow oxygen to reach the eye, making them safe for continuous use. One of the disadvantages of extended wear contacts is that it tends to be easier to develop an infection, however the convenience usually outweighs this possible issue.

Flexible Wear

Some people find it easier to remove and clean their extended wear contact lenses each night. This lets them use them for longer and when a situation comes up (sleeping over, camping, or travel), the contact lenses can safely be used overnight without any ill effects. This often provides the best of both worlds to contact users and eliminates the need to carry glasses with them on overnight trips.

Caring for Your Eyes

Just because your contact lens is supposed to be good for a long period of time doesn't mean you should necessarily use them for that length of time. It's important to pay attention to your eyes and know when you need to remove the contacts. Sometimes eyes are more sensitive as when you are recovering from an injury or pink-eye.

If your eyes feel irritated, hot or itchy with contact lenses in, or if your vision is blurry, it might be a good idea to try removing them and going without for a bit. To avoid these problems, be sure to follow the directions on how to clean and look after your contact lenses. Torn edges or cracks can also damage your eye, sometimes permanently.

Contact lenses can be a huge improvement over glasses, but you also don't want to ruin your eyes.
Notice how your eyes look and feel and if you find that your contacts are bothering you: just take them out for a bit. Especially in the beginning, you may not be able to wear your contact lenses for the recommended amount of time.

Clearly Contacts is an online provider of contacts, eyeglasses and designer frames. Finding the right contact lens is important to not only improving your vision but also making you feel and look great.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008



Friday, July 18, 2008

WinRAR 3.71

WinRAR is a 32-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver, the powerful archiver and archive manager. WinRARs main features are very strong general and multimedia compression, solid compression, archive protection from damage, processing of ZIP and other non-RAR archives, scanning archives for viruses, programmable self-extracting archives(SFX), authenticity verification, NTFS and Unicode support, strong AES encryption, support of multivolume archives, command line and graphical interface, drag-and-drop facility, wizard interface, theme support, folder tree panel, multithread support and Windows x64 shell integration.

Designed to work on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP/2003 WinRAR provides complete support for RAR and ZIP archives and is able to unpack and convert CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, Z, 7-Zip archives.

WinRAR is available in over 40 languages. The command line version RAR is available for Linux, DOS, OS/2, FreeBSD and MAC OS X.Pocket RAR, the free WinRAR version for Pocket PCs, completes the compression product range.

WinRAR for Windows costs USD 29.00 for a single-user license. We use a volume pricing system that gives our customers better prices the more licenses they buy.

No need to purchase add-ons to create self-extracting files, it is all included.

Unlike the competition WinRAR has already integrated the ability to create and change SFX archives (.exe files) using default and external SFX modules. So when you purchase WinRAR license you are buying a license for the complete technology.

One price, one payment, once. All future UPDATES for FREE.

It has always been our policy not to charge our customers for improvements we make to RAR. So our registered users will receive all future UPGRADES for FREE.

For more information & to download the evaluation copy, visit

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To download Winrar download winrar

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Change of Lifestyle Can Easily Manage Diabetes 2

Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus commonly referred to as diabetes 2, is a diabetic problem that often occurs in people above the age of 30 years and usually runs in the patient's family. The condition can easily be triggered by the use of certain drugs, excess alcohol consumption, being overweight and so many other lifestyle activities. When you have diabetes 2, your blood glucose levels always tend to rise above the allowed amounts therefore forcing some of the glucose to spill into the urinal system. Once this has been done, the urine being excreted from the body appears to be filled with sugar hence being branded the name "sweet urine".

In most cases, patients suffering from diabetes 2 either do not have the ability to produce enough insulin responsible for the control of blood glucose levels or simply, do not have body cells that can respond to the hormone. This situation occurs as a result of a problem commonly known as insulin resistance, a condition which makes the muscles, fat cells and the liver not to utilize insulin properly. This condition usually occurs in people who are overweight or obese. The reason behind this is that, the excess fat in the body often inhibits the insulin from moving the glucose from the blood into the body cells. As this happens, the pancreas usually tries to keep up with the increased demand of glucose intake by producing as much insulin as it can. However, with time, the pancreas loses the ability to keep up with the ever increasing glucose levels hence diabetes 2 occurring. It is for this reason that people suffering from diabetes 2 are often advised to engage themselves in activities that make the body work in order to reduce the amount of excess fat deposited in the body hence increasing chances of insulin acting on the excess blood glucose.

Signs and symptoms that appear in patients with diabetes 2 include, having a blurred vision, experiencing excessive thirst, fatigue and having an increased rate of passing urine. Apart from having these symptoms, other complications may also occur in people suffering from diabetes 2. These complications include high blood pressure, stroke, kidney failure, heart problems, diabetic coma, dental problems, blood vessel problems, foot complications, skin complications and having a low resistance to infections.

In order to manage diabetes 2, lifestyle changes that support the reduction of fat levels in the body are usually encouraged to be undertaken. These changes could be anything from, exercising, eating food or taking drinks that are low on sugar and fat, reducing alcohol consumption among other things. However, when these changes prove not to work as needed, medical approaches may be sort in order to have satisfactory results. Among these medical approaches is the use of oral medicines such as Amaryl, a drug that works by enhancing insulin production in the body in response to any ingested meal and Avandia, an oral medicine that sensitizes the body towards insulin. Unfortunately, oral medicines come with side effects most of the times,like diarrhea, vomiting, kidney failure among many other problems. It is for this reason that proper consultation with your doctor should be done before you decide to use medication.

Wangeci Kinyanjui is an expert on research and reporting on Health Matters for years.To get more information on diabetes 2 visit her site at DIABETES 2.

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Don't Be Scared If You Are Suffering From Diabetes Mellitus

A common type of diabetes that often takes place in people all over the world is the one which involves the patient's sugar levels rising up beyond the allowed levels in the body. This condition is well known as Diabetes mellitus. When a patient suffers from this kind of problem, he or she usually excretes urine that is full of sugar otherwise known as "sweet urine" by doctors. Other symptoms may include, experiencing moments of excessive thirst, irritability, experiencing nausea accompanied by vomiting, unusual weight loss and sometimes having a sweet smelling breath. As for men, this disease can make them have erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes mellitus usually occurs when the body fails to either produce or respond to insulin. Insulin is a hormone in the body that makes it possible for the glucose in the blood to enter body cells for it to be used for energy production. When this fails to happen, most of the glucose is forced to stay in the blood hence being saturated with sugar a condition that is known as hyperglycemia. For this reason, some of the excess glucose in the blood is forced to trickle into the urine and that is why you will find patients of diabetes mellitus passing urine that is full of sugar. Other problems that may occur apart from urinating sweet urine are such as, body cells experiencing starvation for energy or damaging of the kidneys, nerves, heart vessels and blood vessels.

A common way of diagnosing diabetes mellitus is through a test referred to as The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. With this test, the patient is required to fast for about 16 hours before the test can be conducted. An initial blood sample is then taken from the patient before several other samples amounting to at least five within a period of 3 hours are taken right after the patient is made to drink a solution full of sugar. Once this has been done, sugar levels in the blood get to be compared with the ones in the immediate previous blood sample that was taken.

For people without diabetes mellitus, the first sample of blood after taking the solution, will appear to have its blood glucose rise very sharply but as the doctor continues testing, the subsequent blood samples will appear to have their blood glucose levels also drop sharply until they return to normal levels. However, the same cannot be said for diabetic patients. Diabetes mellitus patients will in turn have the first blood test show that glucose content has rapidly shot up but unlike in people without this disease where the elevated blood glucose reduced rapidly in the subsequent tests, in diabetic people, the subsequent blood tests will show a slow drop of the glucose levels.

There are four main types of diabetes mellitus that exist today and Type I also known as Insulin-Dependent Diabetes mellitus is one of them. This condition often occurs in people who are below the age of 30 years and is usually caused by the auto-aggressive T cells in the body that cause the infiltration of the pancreas which lead to the destruction of the insulin-producing B-islet cells. Type II also known as Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus is another type of diabetes mellitus that is usually caused by either inactivity, consumption of certain drugs, obesity or excess consumption of alcohol among other lifestyle habits. This disease is however common in people above the age of 30 years.

Another type of diabetes mellitus is known as Secondary diabetes mellitus. This condition develops as a result of a previous medical condition which may have caused a destruction of the pancreatic tissue that is responsible for insulin production. These medical problems may include, trauma, chronic pancreatitis not forgetting a surgical removal of the pancreas. To bring to four the list of diabetes mellitus is the Gestational diabetes. This is a problem for pregnant women which lead to both the expectant mother and the unborn child develop other forms of diabetes in future. An appropriate diet together with exercises may help to make this type of diabetes mellitus go away once the baby has been born.

Wangeci Kinyanjui is an expert on research and reporting on Health Matters for years.To get more information on diabetes mellitus visit her site at DIABETES MELLITUS.

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Cure For Diabetes - Step Toward Advancement

"Diabetes is irreversible". "Diabetes cannot be cured". We all know this well but still a question in the mind of every diabetic and his loved one is that how close are we to the cure for diabetes.

Actually it depends on our own mental level that is what we mean by this simple word CURE. Diabetes actually has many genetic and environmental causes behind it and therefore it has many ways of treating. Most of the research in the previous few years was for the prevention of diabetes and its management if it occurs.

These researches are obviously very important unless and until the cure for diabetes becomes available. The final cure for this disease would be a replacement for the cells of the pancreas as it is caused by the malfunctioning of these cells that makes insulin. To do this an insulin pump would have to be inserted which would be regulated automatically by the glucose sensors. This pump has been invented and tested in about 500 people in different areas of world. But Glucose sensors are not yet developed but will be very soon.

Another approach which many of us are already aware of, is to transplant insulin producing cells into the person with diabetes it has been more difficult in humans, because human body looks at these cells as foreign invaders and tries to hunt them off. Many researchers are trying to overcome these problems it is here when we can say that we expect a cure of diabetes in the coming year.

Till the scientists, researchers find the cure to diabetes we have to to live with diabetes, we have to reprogram our minds so that it starts to believe that there is a cure for diabetes - its all about mind programming.

I know that what I am going to tell you can be unbelievable, but thats the truth and 100% truth. Diabetes can be managed and even reversed. I have reversed it. For more advanced tests, treatments, medications and insulin related devices follow these links- Diabetes Information & Diabetes Cure and see the results.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Indopreter portable

Indopreter is plug translator slack apparatus & play British <> Indonesia with best speed and ability at the moment :

  1. Translates document various formats in Mode Text ( doc-rtf-txt), Mode Excel ( xls-csv), HTML Mode ( html-chm-pdf)
  2. Dictionary and order translation of can be developed and can be merchant independently
  3. Has American British complete dictionary facility ( WordNet)
  4. Plug and play - doesn't require installation process and or registration.

translation from language indonesia. citation of article from (aticle source) :

download indopreter here:
portable indopreter