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Friday, October 24, 2008

Even Old People Can Learn to Use a Computer

Computers are now everywhere and anywhere, you cannot miss them. Whether you go to a cash machine to draw out some money or pay for your parking ticket, they are all computer operated. But what if you are in your 70s and 80s and have no clue how to use one, if you think Microsoft is a pillow and Google is a jelly then you unquestionably should brush up your computer skills. But what if you feel too old to learn? and feel that you cannot grasp this new concept? Well do not worry because using a computer is really not that hard, have you not always wanted to know what your grandkids are talking about and maybe sometimes spend some quality time with them on the computer? It is said that the younger generation are now spending more time in front of the computer and TV then ever before. You do not want to be living in the past when there is so much future to look forward to.

A lot of old people are unfortunately reframed to the home, as they may well be suffering with stiff muscles or arthritis, learning to use the computer will also set you up with the knowledge for using the Internet, there is no doubt that you have heard about the internet. But it is now becoming bigger and bigger, there is really nothing you cannot do on the internet, from watching your favourite shows to shopping. If you are struggling to get out of the house, then the internet can be very useful, as you will be able to order all of your grocery, fruit and meat shopping and have it delivered to your front door.

So you have seen all of the advantages, what is really holding you back? I can tell you now that it is most probably fear, a lot of the elderly do not want to try to learn something new because they fear that they will fail. We all know that failing is very demoralising, but there is no chance of this really happening with basic computer use knowledge. If you think of it this way, everyone in the younger generation knows how to use a computer; do you think that if it was that hard to use that so many people would have got the hang of it? So get yourself some books or join a local course, or even ask your grandkids to teach you. Using a computer may seem very hard, and this is true if you start getting into the deeper levels of computer use. But for basic checking emails, writing letters and surfing the internet the use will become very natural in no time.

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