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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Best Way to Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss!

Chances are pretty good that you have heard about the benefits of green tea and that you have gone ahead and purchased some authentic green tea. As you know green tea promotes weight loss as well as have several health benefits some of which include the inhibiting of cancer forming cells as well as helping to stop the formation of blood clots.
But the best benefit of all is probably the weight loss benefit right?
Now when you first try to drink green tea the taste will be quite bitter.

Here are a few simple tips to get your green tea to taste like a winner without messing with it's ultimate purpose (that being helping you lose weight):

1. Never add sugar

Sugar will diminish the effects of the green tea, plus it won't taste that good.

2. Add NATURAL sweetener

Get yourself a passion fruit. Open it up and take out 1 - 2 teaspoons full of passion fruit and add it into the green tea. Even honey can do the trick, but passion fruit tastes the best.

3. Stir very thoroughly

Make sure you give it a very good stir so that the sweetness embodies all the tea, otherwise you'll get that sweet-bitter taste.

4. Add some ice.

Chances are good that you will like your tea cold. So just add ice and enjoy!

Green Tea on it's own delivers weight loss results, but green tea pills are even more powerful seeing that only the good parts of the tea are extracted and added into the pills. Also, if you are a very busy person, the pills really come in handy.

One problem you may face is that you might end up getting your hands on fake green tea. This happens! Ever since green tea got popularized by the Oprah Winfrey show every company in the US are trying to capitalize on the Buzz. They take normal black tea and try and make it look like green tea so that they don't have to incur extra shipping costs for REAL green tea.

However, there ARE real Chinese companies that ship real green tea to our countries.

It all depends where you buy your leaves or pills.

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Mama Shasa Shahira said...

saya juga dah pernah coba resep yang ini.. beneran nih.. jd langsingan soalnya beser.. pingin pipis mulu..jd lemaknya kebuang deh.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

resepnya beber bener manjur...

udah pernah saya coba lho...