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Monday, August 25, 2008

Quilting - Memories of a Lifetime

These family quilts have been passed down from one couple to the next to adorn the marriage bed for many decades. Imagine the warmth that this kind of tradition holds for the future. There are endless amazing stories that these old quilts could tell about quilting groups and the conversations that went on around it while it was being created.

Special Fabrics

Imagine with me if you will, a woman, a mother, carefully choosing and purchasing a certain fabric. The fabric, which has been sitting for quite a while now has no special purpose except for its beauty.This fabric is beautifully decorated with the most unique designs. She may not know what it is for but she does know that it is special. She stores it away for another time when the objective will be revealed. No one knows when or for what it will be used. Meanwhile it stays safely hidden until the perfect time.

One day while rummaging, she discovers the fabric once again. It has been hidden for a long time. Now she has a special quilting project in mind. Her daughter is expecting a baby. This lovely fabric will transform itself thru the art of quilting into a beautiful coverlet for a little angel. Carefully she works on her quilting project.

Finally, it is completed. It is constructed with the beautiful fabric that was chosen by her long ago for this special project. By quilting the baby's coverlet, she is presenting an heirloom that will pass from one generation to the next. Her heart is as warm as the baby beneath the quilt. She has a quilt of her very own draped on her rocking chair. One that her mother completed quilting for her many years ago!

Making Hearts Glow

If you have been considering the art of quilting or possibly learning to quilt, don't put it off. Not only can you make wonderful items for yourself, but quilting gives you the opportunity to touch someone else's life in a special way. Quilting has passed the test of time to become a popular pastime today. Many beds in many homes are adorned with the quilts of past and present.

Many people will pay hundreds of dollars for a quilt just to place it on a bed that will never get used. This is amazing. Think of the people whom you love who will actually snuggle under this wonderful quilt that you have created. Quilting truly is an art medium that ties the generations together.

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