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Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's Annoying About Most Free Online Games Websites?

The most annoying thing about free online gaming websites is that every time you try to enjoy a good game you see, it suddenly freezes and then a popup comes up and after a while it gets so annoying you just have to close the game! You keep on getting so far and it's just impossible to play. Most of the time, you just think 'why!' Well I have just started working with an online gaming website. I made my own one and I have been thinking for ages why others do it. I doubt they actually earn any money from it.. how would they?Nobody ever looks at them, they try and close it before the image or text even loads! Well, I looked into it more, and still nothing, why do they do it? That is the main problem you get when trying to play fun games, you never really can. There are bigger gaming websites like miniclip that do not have any pop-ups, I guess that is why they have so many visitors.

Now I advise you, if you are ever thinking or playing or making your gaming website, try never to include pop-ups or pop-unders or anything that is literally going to stop users from going on your website. I hope you all find a great place to just kick of your shoes and play really fun games. You may think you're a bit too old for it, but nobody is! Anybody can play games, anybody can have fun!

Zachary van Driel owns a gaming site that he is trying to make different from all the rest. He has loads of games and has even added in a small article area where anybody can comment on his articles. If you want a place to enjoy a bit of freedom and play some games visit to do so!

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