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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Indra Bruggman

Yohana's couple son (father) and Mimi (mother) this since elementary school has championized cloth demonstration at its natal city. On year 1995, second child of four brothers it follows coverboy's elect arena Various. Indra's that time stills to sit in junior high school stool, and successful as one of finalist. A little while afterwards, Sunda's agnatic man this Dutch decides for hejira to go to Jakarta to develop its career.

After follows casting, Indra is chosen as main characterization in sinetron Jinny is Jinny Oh Multivision's production Plus, with diana Pungky. Sinetron this direct melejitkan its name. A variety offer sinetronpun arrives. Other Sinetron that ever been been headlined it, for example Who Fears Fall In Love and Romantika.

Besides sinetron, Indra also headlines severally advertising, amongst those Dakkar's Slipper, Krating Daeng, So Klin is Deodorant, Hasenda Is shoed.

Now, Indra Bruggman clears away to go to voice spectacular the world. It and Mimi's Mamma combats with another contestant in hands down "Supermama selebconcert" one that evened out by Indosiar.This event guided by presenter barrel of fun Eko Patrio and Ruben Onsu

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finally, can also hear indra's voice.
for you what do interest, just download at

indra bruggman - ike nurjanah on SuperMAMA

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