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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tree Planting Tips

Tree is important for the environment. Why? Trees gives oxygen, and they absorbs carbon dioxide in the air. The studies show that a tree can absorb as much as one ton of carbon dioxide during its lifetime. Reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can help reducing global warming. Planting a tree can also be a good exercise and a fun family activity. Especially, if you have children, kids love to play with dirt and tree. If you are ready to start planting a tree this weekend with your family, follow these tips.

Plant a tree in cool weather: The ideal time to plant a tree is in the evening. The weather should not be blazing hot. Because, if you plant a tree when it is really hot, your tree may be damaged. It may wither. The ideal season is in fall or early spring. If you live in tropical climates, any time is a good time to plant your tree. However, you can still need to properly care your tree. You should also carefully transport your tree to prevent damage.

Reduce the root: If you are planting a tree with bare root, you should cut down the root by ninety to ninety five percent of its original size. It can reduce transplant shock. Transplant shock can occur during the digging process. Especially, if your plants have circling roots, it can be vulnerable to transplant shock. Therefore, the roots should be cut. Transplant shock can cause your tree a slow growth.

Water your tree: When you have finished planting your tree, do not forget to water it to reduce transplant shock.

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