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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Perfect Tree for Your New Garden

You can plant the perfect tree in your garden with an investment of time and money. When you tree begins to produce fruit, flower blossoms and gives shade, those investments will start paying off.

Inside the new e-book "Gardening Made Easy" you will discover how to pick the best tree, how to plant your brand new tree, and how to take care of it while it grows to maturity.

Here is a quick overview of the e-book "Gardening Made Easy", available at our web site, of the chapter on tree gardening.

Selecting The Right Tree For Your Yard

Several factors must be considered in picking a tree that will develop with vigor and provide shade for your yard.

It is important to consider how much room is available for the trees to grow, what places of your property you would like to be shaded, if the root system will interfere with underground and overhead lines, and the number of trees you desire in your yard.

In addition, you should think about if you want a fruit tree, flowering tree or simply a beautiful, shade tree.

Planting Your Tree

Trees should be carefully planted so they can grow and flourish. The hole for your new tree must be made about double the size of the root ball. The root ball also, must be planted even with the surface of the ground to prevent the root system from drying out and destroying the tree.

Every week during your tree's first year, you should water it and avoid using any kind of fertilizer.
When you give your tree the right amount of water, the root system is able to develop properly. In return, you can look forward to enjoying a full, lush, healthy tree.


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